An intimate evening of storytelling and wisdom.

Let’s get real: we’ve all fucked up at some point. What’s important is that we begin to see fuckups as an opportunity to improve, to iterate and to evolve our ideas–because failure is only a pitstop on the road to success.
Fuckup Nights is a casual meetup of entrepreneurs, creatives and thought leaders from a variety of industries, where successful speakers share what they’ve learned from a business or project failure that they personally experienced. 

Event Host: BoldLove Communications




The spirit behind FuckUp Nights is what really drew me to organizing the event for Ottawa. You see plenty of events where people tell you how they hacked, hustled, and created their success, but very few where someone gets up and says “I totally messed up, and this is what you can learn from it.”

Jason Connell
Organizer , FuckUp Nights Ottawa

I heard about FuckUp Nights and a smile transformed my face. I realized I was no longer alone! That failure is something common among all entrepreneurs and the experience obtained through it is invaluable. I didn’t think twice before contacting the headquarters in order to organize FuckUp Nights in my city. It had a huge and instant repercussion here.

Maca Daher
Organizer, FuckUp Nights Salta, Argentina

FuckUp Nights brings a level of intimacy, laughter and authenticity that is unparalleled by any other event in the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Rick Koletavitoglu
Organizer, Fuckup Nights Istanbul